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Every product or business needs an image. Even in the digital age, business collateral design is an integral part of your company’s image that has not lost its importance. From your company logo, to business cards, stationery, banners and fliers, collateral design is the physical connection your brand has with the world. Proleadsoft’s brand design services are here to seamlessly integrate your company’s printed materials with your brand image.


Collateral design starts by defining your company’s image, through our design kit. The design kit helps determine your brand’s personality, prefered color scheme and font choices. Once the design kit has identified areas of focus, our logo design services will craft a unique logo to represent your brand. Logo design services can work to implement ideas you may already have for your logo, or you can let our designers dream up the perfect logo for you.


Once logo design services has your image in mind, the next step in collateral design is to determine what print design services your brand will need. This includes things like letterheads, envelopes, packaging, business cards and other tactile materials that clients can get their hands on. A good business collateral design will ensure that all of these things communicate your brand’s core values and personality. As you complete our design kit, we will determine exactly what print design services you need, and which you don’t.


For clients who require more than just print design services, Proleadsoft also offers banner design services. Banner design services include the creation of items like storefront signage, tradeshow and conference decor, vehicle livery and other large graphic designs.


Proleadsoft is more than just a logo design company. Having strong business collateral design is something that can be easily overlooked, but it’s importance cannot be understated. Our brand design services will capture what it is that makes your brand unique, and channel that into outstanding collateral design, guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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  • 1. IDEA

    You have an idea for branding. You have come to the right place!


    We come up with a list of collateral items which would be best for the business.

  • 3. DESIGN

    We design the branding and collateral material based on the idea and strategy.


    We incorporate your feedback in the branding and collateral material.


    We deliver all the branding and collateral material in the relevant file sizes.